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Mailing Machines

Mailing Solutions provides a wide range of high quality mailing machines to fulfill your needs and budget.

Here are Some of the Mailing Machines We Provide

PITNEY BOWES-DM1000/DM1100 Cost-effective, automated mail solution for all businesses.

- Feeds, seals, imprints and stacks at speeds of up to 200+ pieces per minute all the power.
- End time-consuming sorting by continuously feeding a varied stream of mail.
- Jet-Spray sealing moistens up to a 4 " flap automatically.
- Identifies mail requiring a weight or size surcharge and applies the correct postage automatically.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog PB Compatible Cartridges Catalog   DM1000/DM1100™ Product Details

PITNEY BOWES-DM400 Processing mail at speeds of up to 120 pieces per minute, the DM400™ combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation, making it the perfect choice for multi-user environments.

- Future-proof mailing: Intellilink® connects the DM400™ to a secure server enabling services such as postal tariff changes, software updates and advertising slogans to be downloaded quickly and effortlessly.
- Fast, accurate postage re-crediting: Replenish your DM400™ 24-hours a day with simple one-touch refills via Postage by Phone™ - quick, secure and hassle-free.
- Automatic Feed Speeds Processing: Automatic feeding of your envelopes gets the job done quickly.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog PB Compatible Cartridges Catalog   DM400™ Product Details

PITNEY BOWES-DM800™ Mailing Systems Combine Solid Reliability With Intellilink™ Technology.

- The DM800™ System feeds, seals, imprints postage and stacks mail at up to 210 pieces per minute. Get big jobs done quickly.
- Automatically feed a wide range of material of varying thickness from postcards to 10” x 13” flats. This reduces the need for sorting and boosts productivity.
- Compact and stylish design makes the DM800™ System perfect in a dedicated mail center or an office setting.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog PB Compatible Cartridges Catalog   DM800™ Product Details

PITNEY BOWES-DM900™ The DM900™ is a full featured, easy-to-use digital mailing system that you can easily customize to meet the unique requirements of each job you process.

- Razor Sharp Digital Printing Produce professional looking mail every time with the patented single inkjet head to give your mail that “open me” look.
- Automatic Advertising Customise your messages by choosing from up to 10 slogans to promote your company and enhance the image of your mail.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog PB Compatible Cartridges Catalog   DM900™ Product Details

FP-PostBase 20 This fully digital mailing system is a whisper-quiet, smooth operating workhorse with an award-winning design that makes a pleasing aesthetic addition to your office.

- 20 letters per minute.
- User-friendly touch screen.
- Semi-automatic.
- Up to 5lb scale.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   PostBase 20 Product Details

FP-PostBase 30/45/65/85 FP’s most flexible mailing system has a user-friendly touch screen and whisper-quiet operation, making it one of the easiest-to-operate, most appealing meters on the planet.

- 30, 45, 65, or 85 letters per minute.
- Semi-automatic or fully-automatic feed.
- Up to 15lb scale.
- Available in six colors.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog    PostBase 30/45/65/85 Product Details

FP-CentorMail MAX For larger businesses and mailroom centers mailing thousands of pieces per month, CentorMail MAX is the only mailing system in its class that processes mail vertically like the U.S. Postal Service, allowing unparalleled flexibility, speed, and reliability.

- Vertical mail processing.
- 120-140 letters per minute.
- Fully-automatic feed.
- Dynamic scale (weigh in motion).

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   CentorMail MAX Product Details

HASLER-IN360 When it comes to meeting your mailing needs, businesses today count on streamlined solutions that will keep their offices running smoothly.

- Processing speed up to 45 letters per minute (lpm) and departmental accounting with 30 standard accounts (optional 100 or 300 accounts available).
- Integrated 5lb. scale or optional 10, 30 and 70lb. capacities ensure you know the correct weight of each mail piece, every time, preventing over posting.
- Personalize items and help promote your business with ad slogans, custom text messages, QR codes and company logos

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IN360 Product Details

HASLER-IN600 AF In today's fast paced business environments, we are always looking for ways to get the job done quickly and simply while maintaining integrity every step of the way. When it comes to your mail processing needs, the Hasler IN600 Series delivers practical solutions that offer maximum versatility.

- Automatic feeder and sealer.
- Processing speed up to 110 letters per minute (lpm).
- Choose from over 140 USPS® rates and services.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IN600 AF Product Details

HASLER-IM6000 The IM6000 sets a new standard for mailing system productivity, operability, and efficiency. Hasler observed high volume mailing machine operators and listened to production mail center customers to design this next generation mailing system.

- Height adjustable 15" touch screen moves backward and forward, swivels left and right, and moves up and down, providing a comfortable working environment.
- Over 200lbs, this rugged, durable system is a perfect fit for large volume and production mail processing centers.
- High capacity envelope feeder and power conveyor stacker help maximize throughput by decreasing the number of starts and stops of the mailing system.
- Internet-connected Hasler iMeter™ postage meter enables Apps to deliver capabilities beyond the traditional postage meter.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IM6000 Product Details

NEOPOST-IS-350 Easy to operate, the highly capable IS-350 postage equipment with whisper-quiet operation is designed to integrate smoothly into your office environment and process mail efficiently.

- Ergonomically designed with whisper-quiet operation.
- Postal Rate Wizard, on hand assistance for the occasional user.
- Quick rate shortcuts for fast, direct access and shortcut keys for instant function selection.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IS-350 Product Details

NEOPOST-IN-700 The new mailing system delivers versatility while still maintaining Neopost’s commitment to building and shipping products in the most ecological manner. It is connected to the internet through high-speed connection for fast and easy updates of postal rates and software, as well as for remote diagnostics or ink alerts.

- Mixed mail feeder among the strongest performers on the market (up to 150lpm).
- Easy-to-read color touch screen to select appropriate rate through Rate Wizard.
- Dynamic scale accurately weighs & rates mail at a speed of up to 95 lpm.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IN-700 Product Details

NEOPOST-IS-480 Dramatically reduce mail processing time and simplify operations with the Neopost Speedweigh dynamic scale. Its intelligent four-point-detection system is patented to automatically weigh and measure full dimensions and then processes your mail, accurately franking it in compliance with postal rates at speeds of up to 90 letters per minute.

- Self-aligning mixed-size feeder allows reliable processing of mixed mail without manual adjustments.
- Automatic setting of postal rates eliminates errors, ensures compliance and improves productivity.
- Assign budgets by department or cost center.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   IS-480 Product Details