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Mailing Solutions provides a wide range of high quality Folders to fulfill your needs and budget.

Here are Some of the Folders We Provide

FORMAX-FD300 The FD 300 Office Desktop Folder provides an economical solution for low-volume folding projects. This compact folder processes 11" and 14" paper at speeds up to 7,400 sheets per hour, and is pre-marked for four popular folds: C, Z, Half and Double Parallel.

- Clearly-marked fold settings.
- Push-button operation.
- Speed: up to 7,400/hr.
- Folds 11" and 14" paper.

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FORMAX-FD320 The FD 320 document folder offers a new level of performance and affordability. Made with ease of operation in mind, the FD 320 utilizes a "drop-in" feed system which eliminates the need to fan the paper.

- Drop-in top-feed system.
- Speed: up to 11,000/hour.
- Folds up to 11" x 17".

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FORMAX-FD382 The Automatic FD 382 Document Folder offers any business, church, school or print for pay center quick, easy set-up, and the versatility to complete a variety of fold jobs in minutes.

- Automatic settings.
- 2.8" LCD display.
- Telescoping output stacker.

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FORMAX-FD3200 The FD 3200 Air-Suction Document Folder offers high performance folding in a compact tabletop unit, ideal for digitally printed documents on heavy and coated stock. The air-suction feed technology reduces static electricity and minimizes feed marks common in traditional friction feed systems.

- Air suction technology.
- Folds up to 15,600/hour.
- Fully automated.
- Compact and quiet.

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FP-FPi-2500 The most compact folder-inserter in its class, the attractive FPi-2500 series is also one of the easiest to setup and operate.

- Light-medium duty.
- 2,400 letters/hour.
- Up to 2-1/2 feeder stations.

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FP-FPi-4500 Choose from two configurations to meet your mailroom needs. The FPi-4520 comes with two feeder stations, including an upper station configured as a high-capacity unit for processing larger volumes of mail.

- Automatically feeds, folds, inserts and seals.
- Choose from two configurations for the appropriate document station capacity.
- Processes up to 3,600 letters per hour.

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FP-FPi-5600 The FPi-5600 turns your mail center into a strategic businesses asset, providing a platform for compiling high volume mass mailings. With an intuitive color touch screen, you don’t have to be a mailroom genius to set up and run powerful mail jobs.

- Automatically feeds, folds, inserts and seals.
- Processes up to 4,000 letters per hour.
- Accepts up to 6 feeder stations.

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FP-6600i The 6600i is a powerful and intuitive inserter that can handle complex, high-volume mail preparation with ease.

- Automatic job setup.
- Heavy duty.
- 4,300 letters/hour.
- 2-7 feeder stations accommodate up to 3,125 sheets at a time.

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NEOPOST-AS520C Neopost’s address printers increase the impact of your mailings by enabling you to customize your documents and envelopes. Thanks to our range of user-friendly solutions you can use the latest technology to print your logo or marketing messages on envelopes and effectively target your audience.

- Up to 4,000 DL envelopes per hour.
- Four levels of print quality.
- Feeder holds up to 300 envelopes.
- Mail management software.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   AS520C Product Details

NEOPOST-AS930 The AS-930 is perfectly suited for high speed printing or repetitive mail runs, as the secured paper paths and low jam rates provide greater output for better business continuity.

- Speed: Up to 39,000 Postcards /hr.
- Speed: Up to 27,000 Envelopes /hr.
- Print Resolution: Up to 600dpi.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   AS930 Product Details

NEOPOST-AS960 Project a professional appearance with all mailings. The AS-960 Addressing System uses patented HP printing technology, prints 600 x 600 dots per inch and delivers sharp, crisp, easily readable addresses.

- Saves money and increases response rates.
- Features HP inkjet technology.
- Barcode printer built.
- Delivers high-speed and heavy-duty tabletop address printing.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   AS960 Product Details

NEOPOST-AS980 The AS-980 is a full-featured, high-volume, large-capacity addressing solution that accepts all challenges and reliability delivers outstanding results.

- Features fixed-head technology.
- Eliminates skewing with adjustable registration.
- Features vacuum transport.
- Provides HP inkjet technology and TrueType font compatibility.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   AS980 Product Details

HASLER-HJ710 Making sure your mail piece gets to its destination and is noticed by your customer is of paramount importance. With Hasler's HJ710 desktop address printer, have confidence that your mail will look professional, reach its target and catch their attention.

- Prints up to 14,000 No. 10 envelopes per hour.
- Reduces duplicates and cuts undeliverable addresses.
- Maximizes USPS discounts.

Postage Meter Supplies Catalog   HJ710 Product Details